Welcome to my page dedicated to my collection of beer crown caps.


My name is Antonín Blažek and I live in Kutná Hora in Czech Republic. I collect crown caps since summer 2006 and since year 2008 I present my collection on the internet. I collect Czech and foreign caps mostly from beer. I classify them by countries, in Germany also Bundesländer, brewery (city) and I distinguish factory signs. Every cap has its own identification number. In Trade section the caps have scan name and coordinates.

The collection now contains 8491 different caps from 103 countries.
Last update: 18th May 2021
Number of visitors: 711526



Trade temporarily suspended.

The caps offered for trade can be found on Trade page. I am interested in Czech and foreign beer caps.

I would like to have only not bended, not scratched and not rusted caps. I am not interested in caps of this quality and I don't add them to my collection:

bad quality bad quality bad quality bad quality

I like sending 38 pieces (up to 100g) or 96 pieces (up to 250g) internationally. If you are interested in trade, send me an e-mail to blazek.ant@centrum.cz . . Send me the name of scan and coordinates (for example CZ1-B3, CZ2-C4 etc.)

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